Flying Economy with Jet Airways

This was my first long haul flight. I was travelling from London Heathrow to Bangkok via Mumbai. The idea of a change over made me very nervous but the whole journey went incredibly smoothly. After a long and teary goodbye to my parents at Heathrow we crossed though security and boarded our Jetairways flight to Mumbai. 

I was excited as I waked through the plane thinking it might somehow be different on a Long Haul Flight compared to others. However as I passed the spacious premier seats I soon realised economy was like any other plane. The seats were the same apart from the addition of blankets and headphones for the entertainment system.

The variety on the entertainment system was great. There was a wide selection of films, TV shows, documentaries, music and games. I watched a few however I had trouble with the sound on my device. The problem seemed to be coming from the sound system located in the arm of the seat. The headphones they provided with a two prong audio jack didn’t work. I told a flight attendant about it. She got me another pair of headphones to try and said she would be back. These did not work and she did not come back. Luckily my own headphones worked in one of the holes, however the sound did cut in and out and random points during my journey. 

The plane was clean but old. I could tell it was old by the ash trays still in place in areas such as the bathroom despite it being strictly non smoking. The seats had been updated/replaced to allow for the TVs and the overall atmosphere on the flight was very pleasant. Staff were poliet, friendly and helpful.

All the drinks were free! Forgive my excitement. I have since found out this is common on long flights but as I said it was my first long one. All the flights I have taken from England to various parts on Europe charged for everything. The food was also good. It felt like we were being fed all the time. The flight began with a choice of drink and a small packet of snacks which tasted similar to Bombay mix. That was followed a few hours later by lunch. This was a chicken or vegetable curry of some discription with rice, a chickpea dish, yoghurt, salad and a very sweet pudding with a mousse like texture. Obviously water and more free drinks as well as tea/coffee was also provided. A few hours after that a chicken or vegetable wrap was provided. I had vegetable. It tasted similar to a samosa. This was then followed by a chock ice. After we changed flights in Mumbai we see then given another pack of snacks and drink. Followed by another curry meal. This one was different to the last but still I’m not able to identify the flavour. The mousse pudding tasted of lemon this time. 

Overall I would definitely fly with Jet airways again. It was an enjoyable experience. I did not get bored. The food broke up the trip nicely and even in economy I had enough space to busy myself with reading, drawing, colouring and watching films. 


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