Three Days in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne is a small coastal town located in south east Vietnam. It has become a bit of a tourist town as the warm coastal winds make it an ideal kitesurfing spot. However the locals main source of income is still from fishing. The beach is lined with traditional boats and basket boats painted in exciting colours. You can see the locals drying out their catch on the beaches and pulling in their nets. 

We travelled to Mui Ne from Ho Chi Minh City on a 6 hour sleeper bus journey. The bus itself was comfortable but being a sleeper bus was a tiny bit inconvenient as it left at 9am. The company we used was Futa Bus and only cost 130000.00 Dong (£4.46)

Mui Ne has a wide selection of places to eat, a great stretch of coast with lots of shells and wildlife and some very nice hotels. It also has a natural point of interest know as Doi Hong. This is a collection of large sand dunes not far outside of the main town. If you wish to visit the dunes then please arrange a day trip with your hotel or one of the many tourist offices located around the town. Don’t do what we did and jump in a taxi without reasearching how far away it was. It wasn’t too expensive as Vietnam is quite cheap but given that we are back packing our budget is quite strict. Once you get here you can walk up bit it is a long way on loose sand. The best way to get up there is to pay for one of the quad bikes. We spend a total of £60 for the taxi there and back and the quad. That is three times our daily budget. 

With regards to accommodation in Mui Ne there is a wide selection for all price ranges. Our hotel is the Xin Chao and was lovely. The room was only £16 a night and the staff were fantastic. They couldn’t be more helpful but you do have to bare in mind that English is not their first language. Just take your time and try to explain your request. They will do everything they can to help and understand. The pool is tranquil and very clean and the restaurant sells a wide range of food at competitive prices for the area. 

Mui Ne is well worth a stop on your way up the Vietnamese coast. 


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  1. jpietraczuk says:

    Looks great! I’ve never been to South Vietnam so far 😦 good luck on your travel!


    1. Thank you. You should definitely give it a go. It’s great here.


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